Advanced Farming Techniques

At Bhoomi Crop, we continuously seek & apply new techniques to grow our produce.

Our seeds are high yielding varieties (HYV) carefully selected from across the world. We work hard to produce our own saplings. Unlike traditional methods of sowing directly in the soil, we rotate our saplings in coco pit trays   and the traditional methods. The coco-pit & the coco trays are brought in from different parts of India.

Temperature management is extremely important to ensure superior growth of our products. Strategically made shade nets are used at the farm. Insect management is done with nets to protect small saplings. We use a natural fertiliser, primarily cow dung, to make our plants healthy. An underground water management system takes care of our irrigation. Almost three thousand two hundred feet of pipes are laid underground to water each of our plots.

Wild life, especially elephants are in abundance near our farm. We are the first farm in India deploy animal friendly, animal resisting techniques.



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