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Fresh Vegetables

You can choose from 40mm to 70mm onions with good red skin. These onions are grown in Bengal and Nasik.
MOQ: 5 containers per sea shipment.

West Bengal grows some of the finest potatoes in the world. We offer you different varieties from 80 grams to 350 grams each.
MOQ: 5 containers per sea shipment.

Lauki In English is called gourd. You can choose the round or the long variety. Each piece is handpicked and you can be assured of the size and the colour.
MOQ: 1 ton per air shipment.
Kakrol is a popular vegetable with Bengalis world wide. This is grown only in a few farms of West Bengal.

MOQ: 1 ton per air shipment
Parwal (Hindi) or Potol (Bengali) is a year round vegetable. Grown in the sunny belt of Hoogly and Nadia, this vegetable is a must-eat item.
MOQ: 1 ton per air shipment

Long beans, popularly known as lafa, are available from April to September. These high quality beans grow in Hoogly, 24 Parganas and Nadia in West Bengal.
MOQ: 1 ton per air shipment

You will find this wonderful ginger hidden away in the hills of Sikkim. As large as the Chinese variety, these have a robust aroma, unlike the zero-aroma Chinese product.
MOQ: 3 containers per shipment


Fresh Fruits

We offer you some of the finest Mangoes of Bengal, such as Himsagar, Langra, Fajli. We strongly recommend  Lakhanbhog variety.
MOQ: 2.5 tons per air shipment.
We offer you Red Lady variety of papayas. The weight is 800gm to 2.5kg. You can choose green or ripe fruits.
MOQ: 1 ton per air shipment.
Kashmiri apples are considered to be the pride of Indian horticulture. We bring you apples from hand-picked orchards of Kashmir.
MOQ: 3 tons per air shipment.

Welcome to Bhoomi Crop

Bhoomi Crop Private Limited is an organised mixed farming & distribution company, located in Calcutta, India.

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Our Farming Techniques

At Bhoomi Crop, we continuously seek & apply new techniques to grow our produce.

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Bhoomi Foundation
is a small but ambitious effort to improve a farmerís life.
The foundation is entirely funded and managed by Bhoomi Crop.

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 Kaushik's Blog

I welcome you to my personal space on Bhoomi Crop.I will share with you interesting details, that I encounter every day while Bhoomi Cropping

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News & Events

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